Limited unlimited feast.

By common practice, most Hindu weddings choose to serve vegetarian food on the actual wedding day. This is due to some Vedic traditions. For some wedding parties this could prove to be a challenge of how to offer a wider range menu.

The answer is to think outside the box. A popular option to resolve this dilemma, which is now being used by a large number of Indian and Hindu wedding parties, is serving international cuisines. Who says that just because your wedding is Indian, the food selection must be too? In fact most of our clients, choose to have fusion menus with influences from all over the globe. What is nicer than having an Indian wedding in Hawaii, with a touch of the local magic on the tip of your taste buds, and the scent of the exotic fruits making your head swoon? With a larger variety of global cuisines, comes a larger variety of vegetarian dishes. It is no doubt that the creative minds of this new generation of brides and grooms are a force to be reckoned with. This was reaffirmed even more strongly by one of our recent clients. An Indian bride that we are currently working with decided that she wanted to keep her Indian Vedic wedding traditional, and serve Indian food exclusively. As expected, when faced with the challenge of dish variety, she came up with the most wonderful of ideas. She took her inspiration from the different regions and the infusion of cultures that make up India. She said to us “why go beyond to the whole world, when there is a whole world within my motherland to explore?” She decided that her wedding menu theme will be “cuisines of India” and she chose to incorporate cuisines from 5 different regions, Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir, and Rajasthan. Even a few dishes from each region, made the buffet appear an endless feast. The wedding venue transformed into the land of mouth watering butter naan, creamy panner makhani, the sweet and sour aroma of the Gujarati chutneys with dhokla’s, and the sense awaking sounds of dosas crackling as you imagine the spicy coconut chutney tingling on the tongue. In the midst of this whirlwind of intoxicating flavors, not once did we hear the words uttered, “Where are, the non-vegetarian dishes?”