Mahalo From Our Wonderful Couple

A little Indian oasis was created on the North Shore for this beautiful wedding. It took the world village to marry off this beautiful couple. Guests came from all over the world to celebrate.

They were great to work with and really appreciated the efforts of our team.

It was wonderful to see this letter of appreciation from them. 

(photos courtesy of Creatrix Photography)

“Special thanks to a woman who transcends the line from a typical wedding planner into a member of the family.

Mira is simply amazing and her work constantly exceeded our expectations.  Mira is very thoughtful and took care of every detail.

We were stunned at how beautiful everything came out.  Without her and her knowledgeable staff, our Hawaii wedding would have lacked luster, finesse and class. She has elevated our event from just another wedding to something that we will remember and cherish forever.

 Thanks Mira & Allie!”
-Victor and Suchitra
December 31, 2013

Mira and Suchitra

Mira with Suchitra