Advantages of an Indian Wedding Planner

Advantages of an Indian Wedding Planner

When weddings are arranged at resorts, the resort planners are very good for helping us make the best use of the resort facilities. This applies to all islands, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and the Big Island
However, they may not know the difference between a Jaimala and a lei or garland. They may not be aware of the Milni (or greeting) ceremony that is part of most Hindu weddings in which the families of the bride

and groom meet. It is difficult to expect them to give the same attention to detail that an Indian wedding planner would, coming from a different culture.

An Indian wedding planner who has grown up in India, been a bride, and attended other Indian weddings and ceremonies has a unique perspective that she brings to the planning of an Indian wedding. She understands the importance of each element of the wedding, the importance of the sequence in which events happen, the significance of the different events.

There are ceremonies to be observed by the bride’s side of the familyand the groom’s side of the family, and a delicate balance is maintained in respecting the wishes of both sides, so that they both feel honored.

It is important to include everyone in the celebrations so that they feel that they did not attend but participated in a joyful celebration that celebrates the beginning of life for the newly wedded couple with the blessings of the parents and other well wishers, with hundreds of years of tradition that makes it seem so right.

I have the ability to build rapport with all ages, and participants. I have been very successful in the events I have organized because of my ability to engage and involve family and guests and makes sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. It is not enough to have all the elements of a party, you need to get the party going

As an example of my attention to detail, I order Mehndi from different sources, and have my henna artists test them to see which has the best results. I have trained dancers to perform bollywoodstyle dances for entertainment, and a DJ to play Bhangra/bollywood music. I can supply mandaps and Indian style decorations.